Medical Practice Management

Trust the professionals from Felix G. Cincotta CPA and Consultants in Newton, Massachusetts, to provide the medical practice management services your practice needs. With our experts handling your finances, you can focus on delivering unmatched care to your patients.

Services to Medical Practices, Physicians, & Dentists

We provide our medical services clients with a wide range of professional services. Our clients have profited because we are business professionals and are experienced in medical practice management. Combine this with our tax expertise and that can mean lower taxes and higher profits.

In today's competitive environment, you need all the help you can get. In addition to traditional tax, accounting, and financial services, we provide our medical clients with a variety of services in the following areas:
  • Fee Schedule Review & Analysis
  • Super-Bill Review & Re-Design
  • Billing & Reimbursement Evaluation
  • Receivables Review & Clean-up
  • Developing & Monitoring Your Practice
  • Government Compliance
  • Purchase & Implementation of Medical Software
  • Tax & Financial Planning
  • Financial Aspects of Physician Contractual Arrangements
  • Consulting for Practice Acquisitions and Sales
  • IRS & DOR Representation

Health Care Reform

No matter what the future holds for health care reform, physicians will face intense fee pressures as they navigate the managed care arena. We are familiar with the current atmosphere in health care and provide our clients with keen insight to help them deal with these complex issues.

Your Time Is a Valuable Resource

As your practice expands, you will find your time more and more consumed by the detail side of your practice. Accounting, taxes, and other financial aspects of your practice are the jobs that consume your time. They distract owners and keep you from concentrating on what you do best - taking care of your patients.

These many tasks require full-time commitments and there just isn't enough time in a day to do each one justice. But, these disciplines are an integral component of a successful practice. You need help with these day-to-day tasks and you need an expert in these areas, as you are an expert in yours.

The Importance Of Specialization

What's the difference between operating a medical practice and operating a law firm, or any other business? PLENTY! And as different as these businesses are, so are their accounting and tax needs completely different as well.

As a physician, you need to know that you are taking advantage of all the special circumstances available to medical practices.

From sole proprietor practices to large-scale professional corporations and the practices that fall in between, all have similarities and all have points of difference. Knowing these differences can mean thousands of dollars in added revenue each year, thousands of dollars that you may be missing out on right now, unless you know the finer points of tax laws and accounting procedures applicable to your practice.