Construction & Manufacturing Financial Management

Handling business finances is tricky. Choosing Felix G. Cincotta CPA and Consultants in Newton, Massachusetts, for your financial needs helps avoid costly mistakes.

Services to Construction & Manufacturing Clients

Construction and manufacturing businesses need a specialized accounting firm because these businesses are different and distinct. Their owners don't want just any accounting firm handling their success. Knowing the construction and manufacturing trades the way we do, we can find you the right deductions, the right classifications, the right tax accounting elections and methods, and the best ways to decrease your tax exposure. We stay in touch throughout the year, updating you on new tax laws and how they apply to your business.

Questions to Consider:

  • Why should you be concerned with specific income tax laws today?
  • How do they affect your bottom line and your employees?
  • Are there any changes coming that could affect you?
  • Do you know what needs to be done before year-end?
  • Do you know what taxes to expect?
  • Are you up on the latest sales tax laws
  • Are you paying sales tax on things you shouldn't be?

Contract Accounting Methods that Save You Money

Contract accounting is a specialty field that most accounting firms won't tackle because of the special expertise and time involved. But, we do it every day. In fact, we have had direct experience working with the construction and manufacturing trades. We understand the importance of contract costs analysis, bid cost vs. actual cost, using specialized accounting methods when it comes to percentage of completion or work in progress, and other important techniques that relate to your business.

Successful Businesses Depend on Our Expertise Every Day—So Can You:

  • Contract Accounting & Specialty Services
  • Audits, Reviews and Compilations
  • Prequalification Reports
  • Year-Round Tax Planning & Preparation
  • Business Troubleshooting
  • Systems Analysis, Installation, & Training
  • Business Plans & Cash Flow Projections
  • Appraisals Based on Assets, Earnings, or Industry-Specific Standards
  • Financial & Estate Planning
  • On-Site Assistance & Evaluation
  • Consulting for Mergers, Acquisitions, & Sales of Businesses
  • IRS & DOR Representation

Save on Tomorrow's Taxes Today

We understand your concerns and have what it takes to guide you to the top of your industry. We'll review your previous tax returns and see if we can find ways to save money on future returns.